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What we do

We have solutions for your Component Requirements

Timbre Tonewood is a wholesale manufacturer of Spruce and Cedar tops for Acoustic Guitars, as well as figured, Big-Leaf Maple for Electric Guitar bodies and Acoustic backs & sides.



Spruce and Cedar Acoustic Guitar Soundboards


We specialize in two tonewood species growing in Western Canada; Sitka Spruce and Western Red Cedar.


Sitka Spruce: The majority of acoustic guitars are constructed with Sitka Spruce soundboards.


Western Red Cedar: Timbre Tonewood has specialized in Red Cedar tonewood for over 22 years. Currently about half of our soundboard production is Western Red Cedar.



Maple Components


Electric guitar billets
Back and side sets
Guitar necks
Veneer sheets


The company is vertically integrated, covering every step in the value-added chain. For example, for maple components we:

Harvest the maple trees in the forest

Fly the cants out by helicopter

Cut the cants into billets at the mill

Kiln-dry the billets

Finish the end products into:

Solid electric guitar billets

Solid acoustic back and side sets

Solid mandolin sets

Drop tops

Veneer electric guitar sets

Veneer acoustic back and side sets