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Veneer Products

We have solutions for your Component Requirements



Veneer versions of all of our maple guitar products represent a unique value, particularly for higher-grade flame and quilt components. They are cut to slightly larger dimensions than our solid products.



Veneering is an Ancient Art


Veneer technology dates back to the Egyptians who used veneers on their furniture. The ancient Incas of Peru were masters of the art of pounding gold leaf veneers. Their advanced technology allowed them to cover entire street walls with gold, giving them the title, "The Gold People." Visitors thought the city was made of solid gold.


Advantages of using Veneers


As it did to the ancients, figured veneer sheets give attractive advantages to modern guitar manufacturers:


They give the guitar the look of solid figured wood

They do this at a fraction of the cost

They expand the limited supply of rare figured maple

They reduce the depletion of valuable trees

They allow guitar makers to enlarge the scope of the designs they create

They reduce weight since the veneer can be applied to a lighter wood than Maple


Ask us about veneer versions of any of our solid products. We'll be pleased to discuss your project with you to determine if veneer is your best choice.