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Sitka Spruce, Picea Sitchensis

Since 1996 Timbre Tonewood has shipped millions of acoustic guitar and mandolin soundboards

The majority of acoustic guitars are constructed with Sitka Spruce soundboards. Sitka is preferred because of its stiffness - it has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any commercial species. This important feature yields superb tonal quality, and that's why guitar builders around the world prefer Sitka.


The Sitka Spruce tree itself is one of the largest species in Canada, often more than two meters in diameter. The large size means more soundboards will exhibit true or near true edge grain quality. The inherent stiffness of the Sitka makes it an ideal choice for a western steel string guitar that requires a stiff, tough soundboard yet is a responsive size. Sitka Spruce can be virtually any grain spacing from 40 grains per inch to 8 grains per inch.


The color of Sitka ranges from white to creamy to very light brown. Virtually all Sitka has a 2-3 inch layer of pinkish wood immediately inside the sapwood, which accounts for the common pink shaded wood in the center of many guitars. Pink bands of color are also common in Sitka.


Soundboards with color are restricted to the lower grades. (refer to detailed description of grades) It should be noted that some regions of Western Canada produce a very white Sitka Spruce in which discoloring is rare. Timbre Tonewood has targeted this whiter Sitka Spruce in response to customers desiring a brighter, purer white.