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Message from David

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thumbnail I have been in love with wood since I was a boy. I put myself through college working in finishing mills, and spent the next two decades mastering various specialty wood products. Eventually I realized that the products I enjoyed creating the most were wooden components for musical instruments. Founding Timbre Tonewood in 1996 was the natural next step."


"Woodworking is an art form, and music wood is the highest level of the art. A wooden sculpture can be enjoyed for centuries, but music wood is also transformed into a musical instrument, which in turn creates music - it embraces three art forms."


"Like musicians, guitar manufacturers are artists, and since founding Timbre Tonewood I have dedicated my energies to the muse of music-wood, gratefully accepting an education in her school, so that I too could become an artist."


"All artists know that mastering their craft is a never-ending process, but I hope I have succeeded enough to provide guitar-makers with the finest music-wood in the world."