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Mandolin Tops and Back & Side Sets

We have solutions for your Component Requirements

thumbnailMandolins have traditionally used figured maple for backs, sides and carve-tops over its hundreds of years of history, as the instrument evolved from the lute family in Italy during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.


Mandolins come in several forms. At the end of the nineteenth century, a new style, credited to Orville Gibson, was developed. His carved top and back construction, inspired by violins, began to supplant the European-style bowl-back instruments. Gibson created two basic styles: the Florentine or F-style - beloved by bluegrass musicians - and the pear-shaped A-style favored by Irish and classical musicians.


Whatever your mandolin construction, including carved and flat-plate tops or backs, Timbre Tonewood will cut to your specifications.


We carefully process our mandolin components for:

Grain, texture and color

Excellent match between the patterns of the backs and sides


We also manufacture mandolin veneer sets, which give the instrument a high-end look at a lower price point. Mandolin carve billets are cut at 2," with the length and width determined by the buyer's model.


Necks can be cut to buyers specifications.

Plates are cut at 0.25" thickness