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Electric Guitar Billets

Electric Guitars created a large new market for figured maple

thumbnailThe launch of the first commercially successful electric guitar in the late 1940's, the Fender Telecaster designed by Leo Fender, gave birth to a whole new genre of musical instruments.


Electric guitars, of course, borrow much of their technology from acoustic and jazz guitars, but unlike those instruments they have a solid body. Electric Guitars also borrowed wood choices from their predecessors and the most prized wood has often been flamed and quilted maple, the deeper and wilder the figure the better.


Timbre Tonewood manufactures a complete line of figured maple bodies and necks for all sizes and classes: compact electric guitars, basses, and arch top guitars.


We cut billets @ 2.25" thickness x 6" - 10" width x 22" length. They can also be cut as book-matched 1.0" pieces. Custom sizes are available on request.


Drop-tops are cut at 0.25"


Necks are cut according to buyer's specifications