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Acoustic Back & Side Sets

We have solutions for your Component Requirements

thumbnailFigured maple has hundreds of years of history as a favored wood for the backs and sides of acoustic musical instruments. The great violin master craftsmen such as Stradivarius used flamed maple in violins that are still cherished and played today.


Figured maple is prized both for its beauty and it's clean tonal qualities, which support the sound projected by the soundboard. Interestingly, the undulating fibers in flamed maple make the backs and sides more flexible by reducing the rigidity of the fibers. This results in better vibration and sound quality.



We carefully cut our backs and sides for:


Grain, texture and color

Excellent match between the patterns of the backs and sides

Our four-piece acoustic backs are cut at:

Dreadnaught: 22" x 9" x 4mm

Classic: 22" x 8" x 4mm

Side sets are cut at 34" x 6" x 5mm


We also manufacture acoustic guitar veneer sets, which give the guitar a high end look for a reduced price.